Be Happy There is Great Happiness in Human-Made Things

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God created the world. Humans in their own insignificant way are also creating things. The urge to create is inborn in human beings. God created the world for the happiness of humankind. Humans are creating things for their happiness, enjoyment, comfort, and survival. The common thread in all human made things is happiness. There is [...]

Tips On How To Eradicate Depression

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This article is all about beating depression. I am a person who suffered from long bouts of depression, however after deciding to change my whole outlook on life, I now have a much happier, successful and stress-free life. I will explain how I went about achieving this new life. As I grew older and especially [...]

Liam’s Journal- Gay Marriage, right or wrong?

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My blog/Journal - Gay Marriage, right or wrong?  So we decided to restart Journals here at astral society Oh boy! So I have the luxury of starting the first one off. Will it probably be the best journal around? Probably not, but as the old journals were, it’s going to be a place where I’ll speak [...]